Shortage of beer in Cuba - Cristal and Bucanero Cuban beers

Shortage of beer in Cuba – a Beach Bum take on the situation

So with all those Americans in Cuba these days since the famous “reconciliation” between Uncle Sam and Cuba, it would seem that beer is literally running out. There is a bona fide shortage of beer in Cuba! Mind you, I have never been a dyed-in-the-wool fan of Cuban beer. It’s okay lager at best, with a very timid character, relatively low ABV (that’s alcohol by volume to you all non beer-heads out there) and not much hops. In fact, I am not sure hops grow at all on the island. At any rate, when it comes to beer in Cuba, you usually have 2 choices, and I challenge anybody to tell the difference between both in a blind test. On the one side we have Cristal, a pale light lager clocking in at just under 5% ABV, on the other side, Bucanero, supposedly a “fuerte” version (that is to say, strong), at a whooping 5.4% ABV. Honestly folks, both are pale, unassuming lagers…

Then again, one could argue that in the warm climes of the Caribbean, a crisp, cold lager with not a shadow of an aftertaste is not such a bad idea after all. Especially if you happen to be the proud owner of one of our official Beach Bum Games branded 32oz insulated mugs. Because honestly, who wants to drink beer out of tiny plastic cups that basically crumble under the weight of 4oz of beer? Don’t scoff, those 4oz plastic cups are standard in most all-inclusive resorts all over the world, and seem to dominate the Caribbean in particular… Have you ever tried holding 4 of them in one hand? Impossible. That’s why you need one of our mugs. Oh yeah, least I forget, the only way to get your mitts on one of those highly coveted 32oz insulated Beach Bum mugs is to support our campaign on Kickstarter. So what are you waiting for already? Subscribe to our mailing list to be advised when the campaign launches.

But back to the lecture at hand, shall we? The shortage of beer in Cuba. As I was saying, both the Cristal and Bucanero are running out, presumably being guzzled by the gallons by all the Yankees on vacation. It’s a well-known fact that many Americans love their beer pale, weak and without much personality (exhibit one: the popularity of Budweiser there). But it is also true that some of the most innovative craft breweries can also be found in the States (exhibit two, three and four: Dogfish Head, Flying Dog and The Alchemist breweries, just to name a couple). So some Americans are indeed discerning in their choice of malt-based libations, and one would presume that some of them find their way to Cuba. Am I the only one detecting a business opportunity there?

At any rate, a micro-brewery is definitely something you’ll be able to build in our All Inclusive Sim. Maybe someone out there will catch on to how popular hoppy beers can be in a Caribbean setting and setup the real thing. Who said games are only for fun? Serious gaming also means getting serious inspiration from gaming, no? We’ll be keeping an eye out on this shortage of beer in cuba for you, stay tuned for more.

The Beach Bum Gang