First concept art started coming in!

So the great news is, we’ve found our lead artist at Beach Bum Games! Man, that was a tough nut to crack, but we finally came upon Flock’s work, and it synched perfectly with what we have in mind for our all-inclusive hotel sim… You can check out Flock’s work here:, but check out below to get acquainted with the first of those guests you’ll be looking after while trying to run a profit with your resort. Hey, nobody said this was going to be easy 😉

The Douche Bag

The Douche Bag, or Douche for short, is a lean, trim-cut kid with tribal tattoos, numerous piercings, and the attitude to go with all of it. He wears his hair long on the top (with plenty of gel) and shaved on the side, carefully bleached. He is a fervent practitioner of full-body waxing, and sports no other hair whatsoever. His knowledge of local customs is abysmal, but he shows great fervour in chanting the virtues of largely unheard of local folklore. He apparently has seen and heard it all, and everyone would be well-advised to listen to the pearls of wisdom he so kindly distribute left and right on a daily basis. Always slightly intoxicated, he is however never quite drunk. He really, really likes working out on the beach though, as this allows him to work on his muscle tone and get a tan too. His usual breakfast consists of a hearty protein shake, with maybe a few raw eggs throw in for good measure, so make sure you keep your tiendas stocked appropriately.


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